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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2014 12:00am-12:31am EST

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along this accused the family phobia in another major blow to his reputation as thousands march against supporting same sex marriage. fractured ukraine and western governments put together in a plan for the protests plagued country while energy giants crave some of its shale gas prospects. and how to take a piece of salt she home with you we look at the unique souvenirs and all for the gas of the when.
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it's nine am and the russian capital you're watching our teens for national with me . now over one hundred thousand protesters have rallied in paris accusing president a launch governments of what they call family phobia they want to scrap the bills legalizing gay marriage and procedures to help same sex couples have children it's seen as another blow to france's embattled leadership as peter all over now reports . paris saw the latest wave of discontent to sweep across france as we saw thousands upon thousands of people come out onto the streets to vent their anger at what they see as the erosion of traditional family values in the country is being particularly anger towards suggestions that france could legalize homosexual marriage also that it could do laws to be brought in that would see we could see gay and lesbian couples either adopt or conceive children to i.d.f. treatment they say that that isn't what the traditional family is about and that's
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why they've been coming out here and telling me that they want to get the french government in particular france well and the president to hear their anger their government is very fair since this matter i mean they don't want to consider but there are many many people who just want to hold back the right of children i just don't care that she's this is even more so use for a long time his personal popularity well that is it an all time low and he's currently seems the most unpopular french president in recent memory and what that seeing is more were more people coming out onto the streets to vent their anger against all and against the rules that he's trying to impose on them that they say infringes upon traditional family values here. well are to spoke to one french activist who is so unhappy with price the last performance that she has gone on a hunger strike so if it don't reach him it's been
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a day since i've been fast i only drink water because there are many people demanding the resignation of francois hollande because he's unworthy of representing france more and more countries including germany england and russia making fun of france we are many french people who think that own land is not legitimate to govern this country he's ruining france. president alonzo prove all rates and remains low with just twenty two percent and france satisfied with him as their leader his become record breaking only unpopular amid mounting frustration of a broken promises he pledged to cut unemployment by the end of twenty thirteen but the number out of work in fries rose about three million since the largest in fact since records even began along promising resort growth but it's hardly left above zero return about zero point one percent the year french journalist robert her nays
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believes all laws focus on sexual orientation issues as a smoke screen to the strike the public from his failures to susan issues that he used to do in the race to distract attention. one gets fresh at the ministries each year is actually. the reason i suppose that i want the population feels very strongly. this year a good time i said there is the senator to talk english we cannot go on the subject to go she said holding back to the background there is that it is expiring to try harder if you like this is not a. savior of the family was in peril children. brussels and washington are putting together a significant short term assistance for ukraine which is gripped by mass protests in the standoff between the government and the opposition if foreign policy chief
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catherine ashton says the package is supposed to help the country through a transition period their money will be depends on the new ukrainian government approving political and economic reforms there was a plan comes after opposition leaders calls for greater involvement and i don't want just vocal support for the protests in ukraine the assistance may be more than just half help for investment also on the cards waiting in the wings are the energy giants who are keen to exploit the country's shale gas potential and that's got locals worried us policy or explains. western ukraine a beleaguered battleground for american oil giants two months ago kiev signed agreements with chevron to use this area for fracking this. climate will tap water toxic chemicals pumped into the earth contaminated environments just some of the risks that have sparked protests against fracking in the united states and europe.
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now it's ukrainian farmers not by men who are left in the cold sweat most of time our lakes and rivers will get dirty sporadic protests have fallen on deaf ears unable to match the might of the fuel lobby if america comes to ukraine we can lose our position and america will control ukrainian money and business meanwhile countries like france switzerland and the netherlands of what we do nothing to them to technology the ten billion dollar deal allows chevron to operate in the country for fifty years it has the right to sell the gas it up taters with quotas to other countries so it claims that ukraine will make a lot of my. are in fact nonsense and in a place where unemployment is white kids promise of thousands of new jobs is enough pay for people next engine forty four years old and employed and trying to care for
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his sick mother of all of the able to hopefully get a job people in ukraine are not scared of work we must just learn what to do the carriage for kids is energy independence and cheap fuel for a country struggling to pay the bills even though russia dropped the cost of its gas by almost a third to calculate the shale spoils industry experts look at precedents in neighboring poland with companies promise the earth only to significantly scale back which is what we call a risk. because after the five years of exploration just. decided to stop. their activities because they are trying. places where it will be there to produce gas pressure on here to keep these firms out is growing but not fast enough it seems to quell the government's desire to have its own gas whatever the cost or concerns of the people policy our team have live coverage of western
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ukraine. and return out to chevron and shell ukrainian authorities say the firms will help the country achieve self-sufficiency and even enable its own energy exports the oil and gas giants assists fracking is safe but american environmentalist scroll kings begs to differ. the process itself is you cannot for millions of gallons of liquid laced with sand and chemicals under super high pressures down into all these drilled holes without having a consequence this whole fracking. madness is spreading all over the planet they want to frack as many countries as possible and so more people are getting aware of it and i'm getting people here from little green europe north america africa to come here to see for themselves the science look they hear from the gas companies because the gas company will admit to no problems everything is hunky dory
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everything is covered all the bases are covered we have nothing to worry about folks we know what we are doing. stay with our t. international as well reports on the viral video that scored out the cops in person . being charged with assaulting a police officer obstructed and resisting arrest but put in six months in prison and that would have completely. the revoke probably changed my life a student tells us how a video on teaching prove that police took it too far with an unfair all right that's up next. wealthy british style. market. scandal. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy cars a report on. the nine hundred forty scenario is of likeable today because the united states is becoming the dominant force on every continent but brian when it when we look about the calculation. in strategy i have to go back to iraq afghanistan libya and in that's all recklessness in my opinion it well you know the u.s. policy resembles those what the caricature of those western movies where they put the drunken cowboys coming to town and shoot the place up just because they can and . this is obviously more for the ladies because it's pink. women wanted to avoid rape they really need to buy guns and learn how to use them i'm. sure this is the one that i want to go away from once again it's the fear factor for women are definitely the
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target of the gun lobby and one you don't kill them when you're killing money but if somebody would you would piss with her. i'm noticing more and more and that's really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to own guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth were clearly not the safest. welcome back you're watching our t.v. enter a national with more of your world news now the iraqi army has stepped up its form bartman reports of the ahead of
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a full on ground offensive. oh. but since it was seized by militants connected to al qaida in early january and has been under intense shelling for days the government's been holding off from sending in troops to give local tribesmen time to oust the insurgents security in iraq has been getting worse with almost eight thousand people killed in sectarian violence last year. explosions on a cinema in pakistan have killed at least five people eyewitnesses claim a man sits in the back row of the auditorium through grenades dozens of people were hurt some critically during the incident in peshawar. clashes in kenya have seen two people killed after police opened fire in a mosque in the city of mumbai it's after youths will the daggers and some more shippers raise the flag of the jihad. group police say they wanted to thwart
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a meeting aimed at recruiting extremists and say they made over one hundred arrests . now the u.s. will continue enforcing existence sanctions on iran if talks on the permanent nuclear deal fail that was made clear between the country's top diplomats at a closed door meeting in munich meanwhile former secretary of state hillary clinton wants congress to refrain from new restrictions saying it's time to give diplomacy a chance to work iran and six global powers are due for fresh talks in mid february that are hope to bring a solution to a decade long nuclear standoff the interim deal initially known as the joint plan of action freezes iran's nuclear work for six months and exchange for seven billion dollars in sanctions relief a former advisor to ron's negotiations says washington's words do more harm than good. which is part of the wrong
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cool. diplomacy the art of prying be rising military threats and this very dangerous. threat that we saw in prison obama's state of the union address is really can't to put duck here and point to the environment for the coming talks they brought iran to the table by pressure and they need to escalate that pressure needed to gain maximum concessions and secretary kerry has been referring to dismantling aspects of the really a nuclear program which is contrary to the content of the agreement and flatly rejected by the really and foreign minister. when it's your word against the major british police force you need a mighty strong witness as backup that something stood in ashoka more knows all too well when an officer of rounded on him at a rally tests are silly or has his story i was being charged with assaulting a police officer obstruction resisting arrest i couldn't six months in prison and
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that would have completely irrevocably changed my life and devastated actually i couldn't make a shock umar had intended to attend a talk by the education minister in june two thousand and eleven and found himself in a crowd of protesting students and just outside this university who was later arrested and the police officer said that a shop had pushed him twice before running away. i'm not really this video appeared on huge you were a shock its leader seen it offers a different version of events. thanks to this video the charges were dropped scotland yard agreed to pay a shock twenty thousand pounds of damages after you launched legal action for wrongful arrest as a result of video evidence produced as part of a civil claim against the metropolitan police service three offices are the
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subjects of the i.p.c.c. supervised investigation. but such outcomes may not always be so easy to come by it's very often the case. people have been wrongly accused by police often commending the french but the evidence of the off strip courts give more credence to notch the accused individual they just have. to try and give a special current as they can to gather as much evidence as that possibly can and once again that the conduct of the police is put firmly under the spotlight in the twenty eleven twenty twelve period at the independent police complaints commission saw a decrease of complaints but an increase in appeals made about the heavily get complaints by police compared to the year before where it's found. four little below the expected. behavior the public would want to see accountability the police misconduct it's sort of like specific to be. for somebody who's been
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on the receiving end of this misconduct shock says there's something he'll now keep in mind we need to videotape the police whenever we can because it's their word against ours the only way we're going to win is if we actually prove to a court without a shadow over that they were lying. to us or syria r.t. london. want to see what happens when you mix a skyscraper with a ton of explosives or take a look at this. the frankfurt skyline is now let's all clear after this huge block was raised in seconds and one of the largest ever controlled building explosions in europe it's captured on camera on arts dot com. also why new york swans are bound to get internet and mass call as planned over claims that
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these elegant creatures are. danger to people and passenger jets. in two thousand and chime one of the first things released by wiki leaks was a secret video recording that actually looked like a video showing two american actually collect copters opening fire on a dozen people in iraq and this is going to means to live in a society of images of violence become normal this is what the sense of isolation and lack of empathy look like. when we try and experience from place to disassociate our out and body and actions from the activity we also have the same person from certain kinds of marilyn vos but i absolutely am frightened of the potential games desensitize people we know they can because the military uses games. as. old war it is not simply shoot but it is killing and killing exacts
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a penalty of the killer and people for whom it is defined by the popular media don't get that. sense the. new york london. the whole world is on the whole. of the true hero of the original one a further one down the end there are further to hang up the core of that building at the end of the street another one the more transparent society gets the money or the public tears become we see military and state run for at least falses mobilized against people who blend into the city who inhabit the city the more people trust
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electronic devices. the more defenseless the. fear that the thousand is r r t. syria's leadership as violence over jacked face to face talks with the opposition when the geneva peace conference restarts that some us american secretary of state john kerry apologizes for same price and assad has no future in syria let's go activists and more watercraft told r.t. scabbing now in that such talk could hijack the next round of negotiations. the u.s. congress is due to you agree. to arm the rebels there is a lot to answer for in around from the language really seem to be you know have essentially moved back to what about the threat from washington that it would use force of syria failed to get rid of its chemical stockpiles by the summer there are
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some pretty cool reasons why this is happening you know i knew from from friends and family that who. we. knew who it was would there are certain segments of that really have to drive closer to like a hundred miles an hour or under sixty even orders an hour because of you know sniper power. shots for one hundred opposition so if you want to move military grade equipment and vehicles and do that through the they have to be moved you know a much slower than. they would be vulgar especially in a country you know chemical. warfare if you damage that was you also question is the commitment and the you know the american position whether they went into this agreement in good faith or because they might seem to be using this agreement to punish is it is rather than using this if we need to get rid of the chemical. so thousand and fourteen marks a tragic sunseri for one of mankind's worst catastrophes the start of the forest
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world war today's crosstalk. looks at the global order as it is now and it's the billets here across the century. we've seen the world shift instead of the various major capitals powers vying with each other they've been pulled together as a united front under the leadership germany of the united states first to do war against the socialist bloc countries but now to sort of ring colonize those countries that have become independent so the nature of the conflict has shifted fundamentally since world war one which doesn't mean it's a stable world the chinese would say they are being encircled ok and they're borrowing money. money from united states for the american saran their country militarily it's interesting scenario there's a seem to be any real evidence that the chinese are really interested in becoming one of the great powers in the in the sense of the colonial power of dominating other countries or other continents i think the parallel between. imperial germany
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and the united states i think is much more apparent. for the world's top athletes gold silver and bronze medals are the most valuable mementos of their time and saatchi that doesn't mean everyone else has to leave empty handed though andrew farmer looks at how visitors can take a piece of the olympic spirit home with them. well if you're looking to buy a souvenir joining me live picture probably want to get your hands on one of the mascots into the snow leopard or the polar bear and if you want to go to the high end of the market you could try one of these porcelaine figurines these of all being made in a very famous village just outside moscow this workshop english has produced russia's famous blue and white china for the last two centuries but it's not plates important that taking up the shelf enough in space at the moment smiling mascots
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but a sort of games are being produced in abundance crafted a molded from the region special clay sixty kilometers southeast of moscow that's poured into special molds made for the hair that could polar bear benefactress forty crafts women get to work carefully how many painting each one on average it takes fifteen minutes to load the letter it is a bit tricky and takes a little longer than is the whole day spent in the oven during which the black ink turns into that trademark blue after that they're left to chill boxed and center to show it is an intricate process that even mirrors the slogan should be easy lympics . to r.t. make sure to stay with us on our team for our special coverage from russia's black sea coast where are there through outsourcing its one hundred forty.
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up next on artsy international we'll look at big city life under the water off thousands of electronic eyes but if you're watching in the u.k. then prepared to go on the ground with afshin rattansi. a century ago this year the first world war started it fundamentally changed the
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global political order later in even weekend international system set the stage for the second world war since the end of the cold war the global order has been in limbo under american domination in the twenty first century just how stable our world politics. cities of the culmination of globalization. nowhere else in the world
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a conflict so strongly concentrated as here. cities are of the ebus and the savior bustling with possibilities yet vulnerable. those wanting to hama society ambushed the city and its daily life a. city is a defenseless against this form of terrorism. their inhabitants vulnerable. how do cities respond to this threat. and how does fit change our open lifestyle.
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people living in a little. city are excited for instance incredible cities all of human life. sediment patients of all of human history they all landscapes of power. london once the heart of the british empire. along with new york and home culture still the center of the global financial industry a. symbol and driving force behind the international monetary flow. twelve million inhabitants over three hundred languages countless ethnicities and culture has london is a prototype of a global network to. megacity oratory for security measures a lot of the changes in cities since the nine eleven terror attacks in new york washington were already under way before those attacks so it's important to to sort
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of stress that the nine eleven attacks have led to certain changes intensifying that we're already on the way most importantly i would say increasing preoccupation with security as defined by the state was defined by big companies and as defined by those in government. professor stephen graham teaches and research is on security and surveillance and the militarization of open space cities are getting more into the focus of conflict this is not entirely new currently however this new context is it's leading to another scut sense of renewed emphasis on the city sights of violence and conflict. throughout history rules of protected cities and their inhabitants now the rules
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have disappeared and borders are more open than ever. the enemy generally doesn't come from the outside he's already here living among us. this is he is a fragile fabric of space. how can we protect ourselves against the invisible even comprehensible against feelings of vulnerability you can see to hear of the original ones a further one monitoring this vehicle is coming up and down the street down the end there are a further two hang up the corner of that building at the end of the street another one and then another two on the corner of that building these are hiding globes this building is one of my favorites it's completely encrusted in c.c.t.v. some of which is almost impossible to look at what it is full you've got one of them monitoring the door it's the service entrance and you've got a globe which is the street and then there is a fixed camera that was just.


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